Know Your Vegetable! Home Garden Success Depends on Well Thought Out Home Garden Plans

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Home garden plans are essential to having a successful vegetable home garden. Planning means being able to answer the following questions:

1. Where am I going to plant my garden? Will you be gardening in your yard, vegetable container gardening or hydroponic gardening, to name a few?

2. What are the best vegetables to grow in my garden given my climate, size of garden, type of soil, and what I like to eat?

3. Where do plants best thrive in a garden?… shade or sun, close together or far apart?

4. Is there a best type of seed? How long does that seed take to germinate? Growing season length?

5. How do I care for my home vegetable garden? How much fertilizer and water does it need? How do I keep bugs and rodents out of my garden?

6. Do different plants require different care? How do I dress the vegetables once I have harvested them? How long are they good for after harvest?

If you are a beginning gardener, having well thought out home garden plans will make or break your results. Nothing is more frustrating than putting hours of time and many dollars of resources into your garden only to see that it has failed. You must, at least to some degree, answer the noted questions. You will make mistakes and some plants will not turn out as expected.

To minimize that, however, there are many resources out there to gather information on home garden plans for your home vegetable garden. Of course there is the internet, however, I would also strongly recommend a good garden reference manual or your local greenhouse owner. Everyone I have ever worked with has always graciously assisted me with my garden project. They do this so that they can win you over as a long-term customer. It sure has worked with me as I have a couple greenhouses in my area that I frequent often.

So again, to ensure you have an optimal vegetable, home garden plans that are well thought out and executed is a must! I hope this gives you a good jumping off point with your new garden. Good luck with your home garden plans and may your vegetable home garden be bountiful!

Best of Luck! – Brian Dick

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